How do I start a boutique?

Congrats on this new adventure! Owning a business is the most difficult but rewarding journey. Here are a few resources to help you:

  1. Check out this FREE blog post about starting a boutique
  2. Then check out this How to Start a Boutique Handbook  with 20 step by step instructions to get you started and on your way.
  3. Then move on to our Boutique Owner Basics course.
  4. We launched this course for boutique members in their first year of business, a complete guide to growing and scaling your business in year one, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel on your own.  A learn as you go, five module course.  You can see more or purchase that here. After course completion, we offer 1 free month of membership to our community!
  5. Join our Boutique Hub community!

    To join our membership you must have a valid business license or EIN.  We also usually require vendor invoices to complete the required fields, however, if you have not purchased inventory yet you can upload your business license into those fields. There is one current restriction for those who have not started operating (launched & selling), you will be restricted from our main member Facebook group until you have purchased inventory, and have social media & website (and/or storefront lease) set up.

    What's inside membership? 

    → Exclusive, vetted, membership groups
    → Training Library with 100+ hours of content
    →  Exclusive discounts with brands and service providers
    → Live events, conferences and meetups
    → Vetted members, trusted owners, the best brands
    → Shopthebestboutiques profile and promotion to 100,000+ shoppers
    →  Access to membership benefits, supplemental insurance policies for your business, and perks at all major Markets

    and more....

    We also offer several great resources on our blog, podcast, and YouTube Channel for boutique owners or future owners to learn from as well!

    Here is a quick video that shares more about our platform and mission.

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