Why should I join as a Brand or Wholesaler?

Here are some bullet points on why you should join The Hub.

  • You and your company will have a platform to communicate to over 7000 Boutique Owners.
  • You can enjoy the perks of membership, which include discounts from Office Depot, Comment Sold, and so much more!
  • Networking with other wholesalers like yourself at our events and on our Boutique Hub Wholesale Facebook group.
  • Boutique intelligence that will help you stay ahead of the competition.
  • The sense of being part of a community.
We have wholesale segments  for you to engage with our Boutique Hub Community, including the following:
  • Wholesale Vendor of The Day, in which we feature your brand to the Hub community
  • Best Seller segment, a  weekly report where you inform our community of your best sellers
  • Boutique Hub LIVE which happens during selected markets where you can make a presentation in a live recorded setting at market to the Hub community
  • "Show Us What You Got" we present a current fashion trend, and you can share the items related to the trend with our community
  • Quick Ship Monday allows you to feature items that you can ship out that very day so that our community can receive the merchandise in time for the weekend.
  • Must-See List, which features you at selected markets and invites members to come to see you at the show.
  • First Look, an opportunity for you to debut a new product to the Hub Community
  • Friday Deals, a segment that allows you to share any items that you have for sale.

Find link to join here: https://go.theboutiquehub.com/offers/rKdzw2LY

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