What is Holiday Marketing Masterclass?

The 4th Quarter is the MOST important time of year in retail, and unless you’re ready to maximize it, it can also take your business for a ride. Stop concentrating on your gross sales numbers, and start making sure your 4th quarter is profitable.  From years of retail experience, and the latest proven strategies, we’ll make sure this Holiday season is one both you and your customers will always remember. 

Inside the course, you’ll discover:

  • The 6 Main Types of Events Every Boutique MUST Run in the Holiday Season
  • How to Plan Out the Entire Season including Where to Start & the Most Important Dates
  • The 4 Marketing Weapons You Need for Every Promotion to be a Success
  • How to Determine The Ultimate Promotion Theme to Ensure the Best Results
  • The Difference Between a Sale and a Promotion PLUS – When to Use Them
  • How to Create World Class Customer Experience so they Keep Coming Back for More
  • Sales Boosters: What they are and the Secret you MUST Know to Increase Revenue by 20%


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