What is Hubventory?

Hubventory is wholesale created by the industry, with your business put first. From easy Shopify integrations & uploads, collaborative inventory planning boards, personalized feeds, honest pricing, instant member savings, and education.

Whats Included As A Boutique

  • Discounted pricing with Hub membership
  • Trusted boutique-friendly brands
  • Creative inventory planning boards
  • Easy Shopify integrations for product drafts
  • Personalized product feeds & boards

Whats Included as a Brand

  • Intuitive features & fair pricing
  • Easy inventory integrations
  • Collaborative brand boards & product features
  • Brand education, daily community, trusted relationships
  • Tradeshow collaborations & promotion

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To reach a team member about joining email Maya@theboutiquehub.com or Samantha@theboutiquehub.com

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